5 Everyday Excuses to Use your GOOD CHINA!

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of a Facebook thread discussing if people used their good china or not. It fascinated me how many people said an absolute NO. So it got me wondering, what occasion is “special enough” to get out the good china. 5 Everyday Excuses to Use your GOOD CHINA!

Good dishes

In our home we do not have china that we save for special occasions, we use our Denby Boston that we got as a wedding gift almost 18 years ago, everyday.  Now, I have broken a few pieces over the years, (which hurt my heart a little)  but it so nice to eat off of your favourite dishes every night. Are we not good enough that in our daily lives we can not feel special or grown up every time we eat a meal? There is something wrong with this picture.

If you are preserving your special china or good silverware in cases and boxes that never see the light of day and are never used, you are housing them like a warehouse, instead of being part of your home. They sit forgotten in basements or garages even, until another new piece is added and then stored away. Why?

We are lucky enough that my mother in law shows us every time we gather for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc how much she loves and appreciates us. How does she do this you may ask? She sets out her good dishes, silverware, and stemware, along with the good table clothes. It sets the mood, and makes us all feel “special”, as important and treasured as the plates we will eat the meal from.

good silverware

It might not seem like a big statement, but we all have our own special places at the table, and our children are holding memories from these gatherings that will last long after the china and silverware are gone.
We have the greatest conversations and laughs around this table, not just because we love each other, but we are made to feel special before we even sit down. The time taken to set out treasured items warms our hearts even if our conscious minds don’t register it.

There is a famous saying by Maya Angelou ” People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did.But people will never forget how you made them feel”
That is what is done when you give them something you treasure and let them use it. You are telling them you are worth more than the object.

I know why a lot of us do not have good china or silverware, one is space, another, most of it can not go in the dishwasher, and the younger generation do not want the hassle of hand washing them.

Think of it in another way, we don’t just gather around the table to eat from these dishes, we spend time after chatting while we wash and put back the china and silverware, this is another way to connect, and really how often do we do this?

Are you still storing and not using your good china, silverware, and stemware? If you are, what “special occasion” will be special enough?

I would love to hear so much about this subject, please leave a comment below, on why you do, or don’t use them.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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8 thoughts on “5 Everyday Excuses to Use your GOOD CHINA!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Get it out and use it! Many people avoid using it because it has decor that could be damaged by a dishwasher. At the same time, the market for used china is pretty poor right now. It is better to just pull it out and use it, and even put it in the dishwasher if that is what makes it seem appealing, rather than try and keep it in mint condition for a sale that will never happen.
    Seana Turner recently posted…How Do I Organize My Car?My Profile

    • Exactly, Seana, it think people are keeping them in mint condition thinking they will be worth a lot of money in the future, but sadly that is not the case. Thank you for your comment, have a great week, and Easter.

  2. I only have eight sets of my fine china, so I pull it out when my brother and his family come for dinner (Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve). I do love to use it. It’s a beautiful set and makes the table look lovely. Over the years, when we had large crowds for kids parties and other events, we purchased cheap ($1.00) plates from IKEA, so we don’t have to use paper plates. It’s a little smaller than a regular large plate which saves on making more food. Smaller plate, people don’t take as much food. =) We wash them in the dishwasher and place them back in the cabinet for the next party. It’s been perfect for my family gatherings and kid’s birthday parties which could be up to 20 people. Our everyday plate set is usually just for us and is stored in the kitchen.

    • Intimate dinner parties and fine china go well together. I agree for large gatherings cheap plates from Ikea are perfect. I like the idea of smaller plates, less food to prep, clever. 😉 Thank you for your comment, have a great week, and Easter.

  3. When we had kids at home, we broke a lot of dishes, so I decided to pick up odds and ends at thrift shops – no worries about matching, as long as they were in the same colour family. Once we were empty-nesters, I was tired of the old dishes, and we started using the “good” dishes that we received as a wedding gift every day. Over 10 years have passed and (touch wood) we haven’t broken one yet!
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  4. I love your post! I once heard a very macabre story about a woman who bought a beautiful dress and saved it. She met an untimely death and, having never worn the dress, she was buried in it. Your story is much nicer! Anyway, since that day I have always used my good wine glasses. Thanks for the reminder I need to use the china more often too!
    Daria recently posted…5 Things You Miss in Life with Poor Time ManagementMy Profile

    • Yes, Daria, there are some sad stories of people saving things for a special day that they don’t ever see. We should celebrate everyday. We let my son drink milk out of a wine glass when we are having wine, makes him feel special. Thank you for your comment, have a great week and Easter.

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