50 Shades of…….GREAT!!

50 Shades of……….. GREAT. That is what my life is shaping up to be. Along with the trials and tribulations, there has been a lot of GREATNESS.

I year old


Thursday 20th September 2012 I turn 50, the big five O, half a century. However you say it, you can’t run from it. I probably could have 25 years ago, but now as I look back, I don’t think I will.

At the age my son is now (10) I grew up without a telephone in the house. Yes, the red metal phone box at the corner of the street was my only way of communication. I remember the smell, stale tobacco, fish & chips and urine……ah memories.

We had black and white tv, no microwaves, cordless or cell phones, ipads, computers, DS games, no Wii and no internet, AND I SURVIVED………it’s a miracle.
I grew up listening to the Beatles and Rolling Stones on the radio, eating toast and marmite, jelly babies, crumpets, and playing conkers, hopscotch and monopoly.

In my teens I wanted to run away and be a roadie for a local band. My Mum thought that would be a bad idea and thought an office course was a better plan. I learned to touch type, and as I type this it comes to mind my Mum might have been right. Thanks Mum! 🙂

The inner rock chick is still alive and kicking and comes out when she hears a good rock tune like “All Right Now” by Free, or she turns on the Wii and dances to Miss Tina Turner’s Proud Mary…..

I have learned that quality not quantity is important when you choose who your friends are. Friends who will make your favourite Margarita in good times and lend you their ear and a shoulder in bad times.

I have lost too many family members far too early, and I count myself lucky at 50 to be healthy, strong and still here. At 50 I have turned a life long passion into a new career, and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years holds for me.

My 50th Birthday Tattoo

Jill Robson – Life Sorted

So today I am getting a tattoo (for fun), a checkup (for health) and I meet my son’s new teacher, because even when it’s your birthday, life moves on with or without your permission. Make the most of everyday even when it’s pouring with rain and you are walking the dog.

And as one of my favourite comedian’s in the 70’s Dave Allen would say at the end of each show, “May your God go with you”.




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