Organizing tips for the holidays

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twelve days before Christmas list free printable

How to get organized for the holidays is a hard thing to accomplish without a PLAN. Planning is essential for a less stressful holiday season. I can’t guarantee that you are going to have a stress free holiday, because that would not be realistic.


The first thing is getting your kids ready for gifts that are coming their way. So the issue is how to make space for the new toys coming in?

Since my son was about 5 we have had a quick purge before his birthday every year, as his birthday is in November, we only have to do this once.

What to do:

  • Purge anything that is broken, if that motorized car will not run even when you change the batteries, then it is time to put it in the garbage, if you have incomplete games and puzzles, those can go also.
  • The same can be done with books.
  • Purge anything they have outgrown age wise, and interest wise.
  • If you have younger children you want to pass the toys down to, do that at the same time, the trickle-down effect. Purge the older child’s toys down to the youngest.

Do not try and do this all at once, especially with younger children, set a timer for 15 – 30 minutes, and tackle one area at a time.
Then remember to have a finite amount of space for their toys. If they know they only have so much space for their toys to live, it will help them decide what they want to keep.


  • Make a list of everyone you have to buy for and don’t leave home without it.
  • Come up with a budget for gift giving, and stick with it.
  • Wrap and tag purchases as soon as they come in the door
  • Have ONE designated area for all the gifts to be kept. Make sure it is secure for all those SNOOPERS- yes you know who you are!!!!

Shop smartly, we live in a 1030 sq ft home, we don’t have room for large items, if your child wants a huge doll house you know will not fit, look for something similar that will.
As kids get older the toys turn electronic, they get smaller but more expensive, don’t get caught in the trap of bigger, better, faster. It seems every 5 minutes they are updating technology. Have a frank discussion about what they really want, and how long you plan to keep it.


Are you ready for house guests, is that spare room still filled with – I will get to it later items? Now is the time to get that ready.

  • Are you hosting for the 1st time this year?
  • Do you have enough chairs, plates, cutlery, serving dishes?
  • Have you ever cooked a turkey before?

All these things have to be planned for. Now is the time to try out new recipes, or try cooking a chicken to see how you would handle a turkey. Prepping a lot of the food items the night before is a good idea as well, this will lead to less stress the day of, and don’t be afraid to assign jobs to family members.

Feel free to leave me your tips for a less stressful holiday season.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year
If you want to use the free printable at the top of the page feel free to click on the link.

twelve days before Christmas list free printable



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