Change can be a good thing


calvin-and-hobbes-changeIt’s true change can be a good thing.
We get so stuck in the way that we do things, this is how we have always done this so why change.
I would get up for school, have breakfast, get dressed, brush my teeth and be out the door to school.
I have done this with my own son since he started school, and at first it wasn’t too bad, but things just plodded along with the end result being we were always scrambling out of the door with minutes to spare.

The problem was, when my son was meant to be dressing, he would be distracted with things in his room. While I was downstairs seeing to the dog, cat, my own lunch etc, 20 minutes would pass and I would still find him in his room not dressed. Then there would be raised voices and tension, a mad scramble to get him back on track.

This morning with a pre- arranged change to his routine(got his clothes ready the night before) he got dressed, made his bed, came downstairs, had breakfast ,back upstairs to brush his teeth etc. Now, with no reason to enter his room, he is ready with 15 mins left before we have to leave. SUCCESS.

This may seem like a small insignificant change but for me it was huge, no nagging no repeating the mantra “are you ready yet”. In the time I would have spent nagging him to get ready I have written this blog!
I also have a happier child who hasn’t been nagged and is not being rushed out of the door. Now, if only I can stop the dog from scratching at the door CONSTANTLY!!!!!

What small change can you make to your routine today to make life easier for you or your child. A small change can have a huge impact.

Yes change can be VERY good thing.

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One thought on “Change can be a good thing

  1. Well said Jill.

    The smallest of all creatures can move a mountain…and if we set our minds to it; we can as well…using the smallest, simplest tools.
    Ah…simplicity can definitely provide the biggest joys!

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