Christmas comes but ONCE a year

Yes, as the old saying  goes Christmas day does come but ONCE a year. One day. It may be one day, but the lead up to it takes many many days. It comsumes our days, our nights, our thoughts, our plans for weeks before. Then when it is all over in a FLASH, we sit back shell shocked.


When the food in our over stuffed bellies is still digesting, we are left digesting the cost and the fervour that was Christmas, our heads are still spinning as we return to the grind of work. For most of us the time we have off over Christmas is very limited.

Did we have FUN???? Did we sit long enough to enjoy our gifts? Did our children get to enjoy their gifts?
Like most of us, we have to think long and hard over that question. We haven’t landed long enough from the rushing around from one family gathering to another, to give it the consideration it needs.
Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I love our families and extended families and spending time with them. We see them in gatherings over the Christmas season. However,for Chrismas DAY, this year we are starting our own tradition.

We, as a family, myself, my husband, our son, our dog, and our cat are going to be spending Christmas day this year going NOWHERE. We have talked about it, at length, over the years. What do WE want from Christmas. As a family of introverts, we covet our time to relax and just be. No pressure to socialize, no dressing up, no harrowing drives in winter weather…..the list could go on.

Most of my family and best friend still live in the UK, and instead of a quick phone call before rushing out the door, we plan to skype and have more than a snatched moment with loved ones I get to see face to face very infrequently.

I know traditions are hard to break, we repeat the same patterns, even when they don’t bring us the result we really want.
If you are happy with your gatherings and traditions, I salute you.
If not, why not think about a change this year?

Let me know YOUR thoughts on the holiday season, and what it means to you.

We did exactly this last year, and we had the best time we had in years. We put our snow suits over our PJ’s to walk the dog and didn’t get dressed until the afternoon. It was relaxing and soothing. No one was upset about our decision, and we did see everyone we wanted to over the festive season. Everyone was happy.

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One thought on “Christmas comes but ONCE a year

  1. I must say that I am a well rounded mix of both extro/introvert but those that know me will say that I lean more to the ‘extro’ side of the fence.
    I love the hustle and bustle just about as much as I love the quiet, less ‘demanding’ aspect.
    For me; demanding is part of my everyday life so; Christmas day is not and yes… this was a deliberate choice.
    The older children and grandchildren all come home mid-morning and we exchange our gifts.
    Once this is done; we gather in the kitchen and amidst a chaotic flurry; we prepare brunch. It’s absolutely lovely.
    After the clean up…thank God for the help; they leave to see other family and we gather again at my sister’s home to have dinner and/or desert.
    No rush…no pressure and thankfully, not too much traveling thus far.
    I believe that making a choice is part of organizing. It’s like the saying goes;
    We don’t plan to fail; we fail to plan.
    When a plan is accepted and executed; we realize a multitude of benefits.
    Love your site Jill. I wonder; do you have any Christmas Promo’s? (Consultations, in home mini-seminar)
    You and your services would be a welcome and unique gift and I do know people that would do back-flips to have your coaching.

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