Didja ever get one of them days boys?


Didja ever get one of them days boys, didja ever get one of them days, when nothing is right from morning til night, didja ever get one of them days?

Immortilized in the movie GI Blues, Elvis asked that question, and boy, did I ever have one last Friday. Believe me, you couldn’t make this stuff up.
I had to check to see if it was Friday 13th.

Woke up with a pain in my knee, like I have been tackled in my sleep by a 260lb linebacker. Hobbled out the door for the dogs morning business, and realized when he was done, I hadn’t filled the poop bag dispenser from the night before….sigh.
Hobbled home, opened the door,”have you seen the cat” my husband asks!!!  “Nooo” I say, just as the cat walks by caked in dried grey mud from her chin to her tail. ( We have construction on our street)…..sigh.
I run the bath as hubby finishes breakfast and heads up with the cat. Might I add I had just scrubbed said bath the afternoon before, shower doors and all to a SPARKLE finish. Oh Yes. The cat was dumped in and fought like a lion to get out, letting out howls of protest as my hubby scrubbed her down. My SPARKLING tub now resembled a brown blood bath……big sigh.

Waving my son off to school an hour later, I hobbled out with poop bag in hand to pick up the morning’s deposit. On the way back home ran into bestie and retold the story. She couldn’t hold the snort as her hand flew to her mouth….had to smile.

Not much else could happen I hear you say.Ha.
Bathing of the cat and re-cleaning of tub, had now put me back 2 hours off my schedule for the day. I wrote a hurried grocery list, headed to the store and ran into every slow moving person in town.
Back home I put away all the perishables, put on my Tassimo and treated myself to a hot x bun. I deserved it I told myself. Reached into the fridge for the FULL jar of strawberry/rhubarb jam, it somersaulted out of my hand like an olympic gymnast and hit the floor. Jam and glass shot everywhere. I couldn’t close the fridge door because the broken jar was now propping it open.
The bun was burning in the toaster, my coffee was ready, and my dog was trying to eat the jam off the floor…….no sigh this time, the language would have made a rapper blush!!

By the time I had cleared up and had a coffee it was time to hobble out to walk the dog again, and before I could get back to the list my son was walking in the door from school…..”Mum, I have a sore throat, I don’t feel too good”
Yes, even organizers have dis-organized days. I had every intention of completing the list that day, but in the end only one item was done.

It’s easy to get discouraged if you have a plan and it still doesn’t get done. Have you started an organizing project lately and only made small steps? That’s ok, sometimes all we can acheive are the small victories, because boy, do you ever get one of THOSE day’s now and again.

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