Easy Ways to Calm the Organizing Overwhelm

From time to time we have all felt that the items in our homes are taking over, organizers included. We are not immune to clutter just because we are organizers, we have learned from trial and error what WORKS FOR US. Today I am going to impart some of what have learned and what  I share with my clients when I work with them, and give you easy ways to calm the organizing overwhelm. 

Organize the overwhelmHow to calm that Organizing Overwhelm

One step at a time

Like everything we do it takes time to get into habits that are not the best for us long term, and it will take time to learn new more productive ones.
When working with clients the first step is to identify that ONE area that drives them crazy.
Say it is the dishes, you have a dishwasher, but there is still a disconnect between filling the dishwasher, turning it on, and the all important emptying and putting away.
For one client I made her repeat this one task, the week between our sessions, her only area to stay organized was the loading and unloading the dishwasher.
When I returned the next week she had a large smile on her face, the task had been completed consistently, even her son had become involved in the process. It is seeing small progresses repeated successfully that makes us want to continue. 


As we learned from taking it one step at a time. consistency is key. It doesn’t have to be a large production, it could be as simple as making your bed every morning, or opening your mail everyday and making a decision on what is inside, right away. Doing things repeatedly in a productive and consistent pattern, breeds success and longevity.

Working with your Personality

Are you trying to organize when you are tired?
We all have different times of the day when we are most productive and alert, that is when you should start learning a new habit, not when your energy levels are in the basement and you are unmotivated.
You could try toggl, a time keeper app to track when those times are.
Are you a visual learner (watch videos), are you a note taker, do you like to see things ticked off your list, do you like to work solo or with someone else? Knowing these things about your self could help make the organizing process easier to start and to continue with.

Don’t compare your organizing style to anyone else.

We are all guilty of this, we think others are doing things much better than we are, it is human nature.
However it can be very detrimental to forward progress. If you are consistently comparing your home to magazine covers ( you know they are not real, right?), mother’s, sister’s, friends, colleagues. We all lead different lives, why should are organizing be the same.
The Kon Mari method is huge at the moment and for some of us it will work fantastically, for others it will not. She has amazing folding techniques, but if you hate to fold and prefer to hang clothes, another way is going to work better for YOU. Just because everyone else is doing something, doesn’t mean we have to as well. Ummm….I remember that phrase coming out of my Mum’s mouth when I was little!!

Self care

It is very important to take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, and mentally when starting new habits, rest, fun and eating well, makes us more likely to succeed in new endeavour’s than if we are tired, stressed and in need of good nutrition.
If you have ever tried to get your children to do something that requires mental concentration when they are tired and hungry, the outcome is usually a total meltdown. We don’t want to start a new improved, positive habit in a state of anxiety, because the outcome will be short lived.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, an Olympic athlete did not wake up the day before the event and decide to be a competitor, it takes repeat performances, training, and dedication, I know you can do it!!!

Have you ever tried changing a habit, have you been successful or not? We would love to hear about it in the comments below, maybe we can give you more suggestions to help you reach your goal .



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8 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Calm the Organizing Overwhelm

    • I am a morning person as well, however i am at my most alert and that is when i tend to do the things that take a lot of concentration. After 10.30am i have to give my brain a break.

  1. I completely agree with all, but especially resonate with the concept of consistency. One thing we do consistently each day has a HUGE impact. I’ve been toying with how to write about this myself. I think it is so great that you had her focus only on the dishwasher. That is small enough that it can be accomplished without too much difficulty, but with tangible and empowering results!
    Seana Turner recently posted…My Most Popular ThoughtsMy Profile

    • Thank you, Seana. Yes the dishes were the main source of her agrivation, so simple yet effective, we all have to do them, but it is amazing how we tend to put off that everyday chore. I think we always think “i will get to that”.

  2. I totally agree! Anxiety may have us start the task quicker but it will not help us withstand the change in habit. I prefer to be less stressed when I start a new habit. The summer seems to be the easiest for me to start a new habit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Overwhelm can be so all encompassing that we can’t get past feeling stuck. I love how you’ve addressed and made suggestions for taking on the overwhelm in different ways. It’s amazing how trying just one small thing, like being consistent with the dish washing process, can be enough to reduce overwhelm and create momentum in other areas. In addition, figuring out what will work uniquely for YOU, is key. Comparing doesn’t do any good. We all do things well and building off of those, along with honoring our strengths and preferences is huge.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…Do You Savor or Squander the Valuable Time You Have?My Profile

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