Game’s Night or Fright Night?

Game’s Night, a very popular night in our household, the favourite being Mononpoly. However, how many of you have Game’s Night turn into Fright Night because of missing pieces and lost instructions, or not even being able to find the board games to even start Game’s Night?
What is meant to be an enjoyable night of fun and learning, can turn into tears and frustration, but with a little organization and management you can turn this around. Look upon this exercise as a family game in itself.
First steps first.

  • Locate all board games and puzzles (make it fun like a treasure hunt)
  • Decide which games/puzzles are still appropriate for all ages.
  • Donate/sell games that are intact but are not played anymore.
  • Recycle/trash any broken or incomplete games/puzzles.
  • Find a PERMANENT place to keep ALL your board games/puzzles.
Board Games

Jill Robson – Life Sorted

Once this part is acheived, and broken boxes have been fixed with tape etc, you make sure ALL the parts stay with the games they came from.

I know from experience how worthwhile this part of the process is. I grew up in a military family where moving was sometimes a yearly occurrence, and I know my dad still has our Monopoly,Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders and Frustration games from the 1970’s.
My mum would write our family name on each part of the box and game, and corral the pieces in plastic bags with elastic bands to hold them shut.(pre ziploc bags). The same process was done for puzzles, including a description of the puzzle on a piece of paper kept within one of the bags.

These days digital technology makes this process a whole lot easier. Digital photos can be taken of the puzzle instead of a written description, and don’t forget to write on the ziploc bags to which games the pieces belong.
I now have a notebook on Evernote listing all the board games we have, if you use Pinterest you could have them on a board there instead.

I know this seems like a lot of work, but believe me you will thank yourselves the next time Game’s Night rolls around. In the long run it will save you money, not having to replace incomplete board games.
This process is even more important if you have a cat or a dog, believe me no one wants to wait for the next time your pet poops to find the scrabble letter P!
Happy Game’s Night everyone!

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