Can you park the car in YOUR Garage?

This time of year we start to pull out the patio furniture, and our thoughts turn to spending sun filled days outside enjoying our backyards. The problem arises when we open the garage door and take a good hard look. Can you park the car in YOUR garage? The answer to that is probably NO. Most people use the garage as an extra storage unit, tossing things in, especially during the sub zero temperatures of last winter. Continue reading

“What we would like Mum to make for Supper!”

As you know I have written blogs on meal planning, and how we need to have a plan in action. In the real world, it gets tedious, especially if you are the only one that decides what is for supper EVERYDAY. So I decided to put a sheet of paper on my counter for family members to list “What we would like Mum to make for Supper“. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: Not just the dust

Now that spring is here, even though the temperature in Canada is still in the – digits, we feel like throwing open the windows and letting the house air out, and our thoughts turn to Spring Cleaning. This could mean cleaning your home, or spring cleaning your old habits, both are good things to tackle this time of year. Continue reading

Guest Blog: Why Neurological Disorders Affect Organization

Guest Blogger

A Big Thank You to Carolyn Kotva from PackRat’s Professional Organizing who is my Guest Blogger this week.  A fellow Canadian from Ottawa, Carolyn has been organizing since she was young, organizing her Barbie’s and their clothes. Her blog this week is Why Neurological Disorders Affect Organiziation. Check out more of her posts on PackRat’s Professional Organizing. Continue reading

What’s on your plate?

What’s on your plate? That might seem like a strange question, as we all know what is on our plates, right? However, that can mean two things. What are the many things we have to accomplish in a day, and how does that impact our ability to put nutritional, planned meals on the table. Continue reading