Review of Burger Master- making summer grilling easy.

This week I am doing a review of a product that I absolutely love. I found this posted on FB a few months ago by a local business. They sell mostly chocolate I Love Chocolate, but they also sell gifts which includes a kitchen section. That is where I bought mine, but you can also get them on Amazon. I am reviewing the Burger Master, because I believe it will make grilling easier this summer, and I love it’s versatility. Continue reading

Teach your children well

The other night was chaos in our house hold. My usually organized and stress free kitchen was over taken by my step daughter and her boyfriend making cookies, and trying to ice cupcakes. Over the last year she has wanted to exert her independence by attempting to be more self sufficient. She usually asks a few questions on what the best way is to approach something new, and then I let her go for it. The key to this is to teach your children well. Continue reading

Are you at the end of the roll?

I don’t know about your household, but ours always has empty toilet paper rolls, either camped out on the bathroom vanity, or in the basket that holds the back up rolls. I have to tell you, it drives me nuts. No matter how many times I reminded my son that they needed to be put straight in the recycling, the message never sunk in.
Are you at the end of the roll?
Continue reading

Can you park the car in YOUR Garage?

This time of year we start to pull out the patio furniture, and our thoughts turn to spending sun filled days outside enjoying our backyards. The problem arises when we open the garage door and take a good hard look. Can you park the car in YOUR garage? The answer to that is probably NO. Most people use the garage as an extra storage unit, tossing things in, especially during the sub zero temperatures of last winter. Continue reading