Organizing the household tool bag!

Today I am talking about how to organize your household work bag. My husband wanted us to have a work bag in the house so if we needed to put up a shelf, hang a picture, or put furniture together, we had everything at hand. However, our idea of ORGANIZED is a little different in it’s interpretation. Continue reading

Is the Fear of Failure holding you back?

Fear of failure is one of the greatest fears people have. We tend to put off doing things that make us anxious, even though it could benefit us if we do them. Do you think about making changes in your life, but stop before you start for fear of failure? You are not alone, many of us, for different reasons let fear hold us back. Continue reading

Are you frustrated by clutter?

Are you frustrated by clutter? Do you start to organize only to get frustrated and throw up your hands in despair? You are not alone. It is not that you are doing it wrong, you might not be approaching it in the best way for you. We all work differently and we all need to organize for different reasons. Continue reading