How to tell if you are Staging or Organizing

Staging or Organizing

We are all focused on the latest, greatest looks in decor to make our houses look homey and welcoming. The problem arises when everything looks good on the surface, but you still can’t find things you need.
So, how to tell if you are Staging or Organizing your home. I have a few suggestions to see which catergory you are in, or are you a mix of both?

Your entryway looks clear of clutter when friends and family come over, but you always take their coats upstairs to lay them on the bed.
This could mean that your entryway closet is hiding the secret, the secret that if you open the doors it will be like a scene from “Confessions of a Shopaholic” when her friend opens the closet doors and everything stuffed in there shoots out like a tidal wave. This is staging not organizing.
Consider keeping only what you are wearing right now, in the entryway closet, with room for guest coats and shoes.

Are your countertops clear, but you still can’t find anything?
Do you have that drawer that is bulging at the seams with the “quick, stuff and hide” items before guests arrive?
This is not organizing, it is just hiding the evidence of clutter.
Consider, clearing out the “Junk drawer” and renaming it something that is more positve, like the “occasional drawer” somewhere where pens, paper etc, odds items that you might need in a pinch becuase the kitchen is the hub of the home.
You could also try leaving out on the counter ONLY the things you use EVERYDAY, and finding a PERMANENT home for everything else.
Putting things back where you got them from is key to staying organized.

Like the entryway the bedroom can house a number of areas where clutter can be “stuffed”, like under the bed, where items lying on the floor are hastily kicked under the bed when company is expected.
Now under the bed storage is fine for a few items, but when you can’t see through one side to the other or even dust under it, that is clutter and not efficient use of space, and could be a health hazard if you have allergies or asthma.
Try using rubbermaid containers with rollers that can be rolled out to clean under the bed, and access the containers easily. One on each side of a double bed and bigger is ample for most of us.

The trouble with “out of sight, out of mind” is that it becomes a bandaid to a bigger problem, a quick fix instead of a permanent solution.
Take the time to really look at your clutter collectors, and tackle them one area at a time.
Think about that the next time you are expecting company, would you be less stressed knowing your entryway closet is accessible to all?

Let me know where your struggles are in the comments below and join the conversation, because you are not alone.

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12 thoughts on “How to tell if you are Staging or Organizing

  1. Oh Jill, I am so Busted! I have used underbed storage since my teens! Things are in proper underbed storage containers. It’s a waste of good space otherwise!

  2. Great tips, Jill. I had a client who would stuff all the items that are out on surfaces into her drawers and closets. It became a huge mess, and she couldn’t find anything. I realized that this happens with many people who have too much space in their home. For them, space becomes overwhelming to decide what to do with all their stuff that needs a home.

  3. Shoving stuff in a bag or in another room is a huge problem I have seen in clients homes. They never get back to them and the problem just continues to grow bigger with items lost and possibly never to be found again.
    Staged homes are so interesting though. Where do they put all their stuff?

    • Kim, when i work for realtors and we are “staging” to get the property ready for resale, i help them purge first before we stage then it becomes organized so they don’t have to repeatedly stage it.

  4. I have many clients guilty of the “dash and stash” before company comes (ahem, and sometimes me too!). And that’s fine for the short term, but like you said, it only creates the inevitable!

    • Sarah, i think we all have those moments of dash and stash, i am looking at my pile of papers that needed to be shredded that i have stuffed in a basket on my shelf in my office. Time to deal. LOL.

  5. This reminds me of the time I couldn’t find my spatula. I mean, how do you lose a spatula? Some time later I found it in the oven, along with some other stuff I shoved in there when company dropped by unexpectedly. :O

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