If you are waiting for the right time……

If you are waiting for the right time to start something, Surprise, that time will never come. Case in point my son’s playroom/ our guest room. We have been planning to do something about it ever since we moved our son into the smaller of the 2 rooms besides ours’ in the spring. IMGP0192 We were always putting it off because, we didn’t have the time, the money, a plan…….I could go on and on. So last week I decided enough was enough, it had to be done. Turned out, I could have picked a better week. I had a:

  • 11th Birthday party to plan
  • A sleepover
  • Getting our son ready for a Scout camp weekend
  • A trip to Ikea to purchase a new shelving unit
  • A present to buy
  • Food for the party
  • Purging and sorting

What day did I decide would be a good day to start this? The previous Saturday. By that time it had been raining for 2 days. On Saturday my son was dispatched to his Scout weekend, and the shelving unit was purchased from Ikea and assembled.

We started Sunday by putting away all the things in our garden that could be thrown around by the impending hurricane Sandy. By the Sunday afternoon our son came home looking like a drowned rat, and in no mood to purge his things, (Something we have done with him before every birthday, since he was 4 or 5). The following night was Scout meeting, the next night was busy too, Wednesday was Halloween……by Thursday I was getting anxious, my son had just started his purging process.

My husband turned to me, the look said “really” we had to start it this week. Oh, did I mention it had still not stopped raining…. However, a few hectic paced filled days later, the room not yet finished but greatly improved, and the party, were a great success.

A weekend of fun with family and my sons’ friend’s. The boys trounced around the house in high spirits, spent hours in the new roomier space, went to bed late and got up early, despite the clocks turning back an hour!

Of course the job’s not finished, but it is started. The walls have to be repaired where shelves were removed, and we need to re-paint. That will be a future blog post. Are you waiting for the RIGHT time to start de-cluttering? The RIGHT time to start the purging process? Dont’ put if off any longer, because the RIGHT time will never come. We were lucky and only got the edge of hurricane Sandy. If you would like to help the relief effort check out this link:http://petscribbles.blogspot.ca/2012/11/socks-for-sandy-helping-sandys-victims.html

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3 thoughts on “If you are waiting for the right time……

  1. I find myself often ‘waiting for the right time.’ I say, tomorrow, the new year, next month, on Monday! I have been working on stopping that – that is myself getting in the way. Perhaps I am waiting for perfection, but I am slowly learning that, if I wait for perfection, anything near perfection will never happen. Lol, does that make sense? Anyways… GREAT BLOG! I look forward to reading more 🙂

  2. Susan, it makes complete sense. I think we are all programmed to expect our houses to look like magazine covers, that isn’t reality. Glad I could help get you started. One step at a time. 🙂

    • Jill…I beg to differ.
      Your services left me with some serious tools that enable me to maintain a presentation fit for a magazine.
      Thank you girl!

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