How to tell if you are Staging or Organizing

Staging or Organizing

We are all focused on the latest, greatest looks in decor to make our houses look homey and welcoming. The problem arises when everything looks good on the surface, but you still can’t find things you need.
So, how to tell if you are Staging or Organizing your home. I have a few suggestions to see which catergory you are in, or are you a mix of both? Continue reading


How to make organizing Fun for kids this summer


Now that school has finished for another year, and all the contents of your childs desk/locker has descended on your home, it is time to try some organizing strategies that will work through the summer months.
I know this seems like a daunting task, but it can be achieved, I will give you tips on how to make organizing Fun for kids this summer. Continue reading


Easy Ways to Calm the Organizing Overwhelm

Organize the overwhelm

From time to time we have all felt that the items in our homes are taking over, organizers included. We are not immune to clutter just because we are organizers, we have learned from trial and error what WORKS FOR US. Today I am going to impart some of what have learned and what  I share with my clients when I work with them, and give you easy ways to calm the organizing overwhelm.  Continue reading


5 Simple ways your clothes in your closet can make You look Stunning

Clothing blog 2

For many of us our closets are heaving with clothes, bags, shoes, things that belong in other places.
Do you go to your closet, open the door and feel discouraged?
Do you have to pull random objects out of the way to find what you are looking for?
Do you feel like the clothes you are wearing are making you feel frumpy?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, don’t you deserve to make the clothes in your closet make you feel like you could take on the world? I am here to give you 5 simple ways your clothes in your closet can make you look stunning! Continue reading


5 Everyday Excuses to Use your GOOD CHINA!

Good dishes

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of a Facebook thread discussing if people used their good china or not. It fascinated me how many people said an absolute NO. So it got me wondering, what occasion is “special enough” to get out the good china. 5 Everyday Excuses to Use your GOOD CHINA!

Continue reading


6 reasons your HOME needs a MASSAGE!

Is you home in need of a good massage

We all know how we feel when we have a massage, we feel relaxed and centered, and energized. How do you think you would feel if your home could be the same way? When you walk through the door, instead of feeling a sense of dread or irritation, you could come home to a relaxed, centered, and energized environment. 6 reasons your HOME needs a MASSAGE!

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