More than one way to skin a cat!…when it comes to clothes

Funny expression, but it is true for many things, including organizing.

It is the middle of summer and my son is growing out of his clothes weekly. The t-shirts that fit last week are now looking like ‘The Hulk’ clothes after he turns green, the clothing shrinking fairy has once again visited overnight.
In the past I would have assumed the rest of his t-shirts are no longer going to fit because of the way I used to put his clothes away. You know the way, fold,stack, place in drawer, never really seeing the clothes at the bottom.
If your child is anything like mine he can’t see futher than the end of his nose when looking for anything. Open the drawer pick up the top item put it on. This can probably be said for many of us. The problem with this, is that we miss what is on the bottom, until the morning after the growth spurt, when we find they have outgrown clothes they haven’t even worn.

This year I  discovered a pin on pinterest that has changed the way I put my clothes away. I love it when I find a gem like this on pinterest, so thank you Andrea!

I have used this technique in my son’s drawer and what a difference.

My son has ADD and OCD, so he likes things neat and tidy, but gets overwhelmed when faced with too many choices, too much jumble, he gets irritated and takes him a long time to dress.
Since I have adopted this method it has been like night and day, now it takes him seconds to choice his clothes ( the getting them on his still a challenge, as he still gets easily distracted) but he is able to get himself dressed in a timely manner.
Sometimes changing just one way in which you do something can change your life in a way you never would have imagined. So try a new way tomorrow and see how it can help you.

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