Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree……

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree how lovely are thy branches…… I think we all know this song. I think of it whenever we put up our tree. Only, the last few years we haven’t decorated a tree.



NOT put up a tree I hear you gasp, well, maybe not a gasp. While most people were in the process of getting ready, or were already decorating their trees’ this past weekend our’s remained in the box.

The reason we haven’t is no big mystery. 2 1/2 years ago we brought home a brand new puppy. A bouncy loveable ball of fluff who was smaller than our cat….at the time.

By the Christmas of that year he had grown to 3x the size of the cat. Being a Border Collie he is very high energy, his name is NITRO..  and yes, he lives up to the moniker. He also LOVES to chase the cat.
Where is the cat’s favourte place at Christmas?……..yep…. UNDER THE TREE. She likes nothing more than to nestle down under the tree for the duration, if we can’t find her, that’s where she will be.

We stopped a moment and thought about the mayhem that would ensue. The CAT likes to lie under the tree, the DOG loves to chase the CAT, the CAT likes to lie under the tree…….you get the picture. We weren’t sure we wanted to add to the melee that is Christmas, with the dog chasing the cat around and around the tree.

So we came up with a another option, it might not look like a tree but it sparkles and is decorative.

So far the dog hasn’t tried to pull the stockings down, oh what a difference even a few years can do to the bounce of a Border Collie!

We can’t all manage a Martha Stewart creation, but what we do is all ours.
It reminds me of a story my mother-in-law and her siblings have regaled us with over the year’s. The story of their very own “Charlie Brown” tree. Their father was frugal and liked to wait until the very last minute to haggle down the seller, for his very last tree.

No time in the telling of this story is there doom and gloom, no it is told with laughter and a love shown on their faces of the memories Christmas evokes for them.
It might not have been the BEST tree but it was their tree.

Whatever “tree” you gather around this year, may it bring lasting memories that you can pass on to the next generation.

To carry on this story to the present day in 2015, our border collie, Nitro is now 5 and much calmer than he was. We have had a tree up the last few years with no issue.
However on Remembrance day this year, a 14 week old abandoned kitten showed up in our yard, after great debate, we kept him and named him Vimy. Man is this little mister cute, but he is also a climber. so this year again we are back to NO TREE!!


What is different about your decorating this year?

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2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree……

  1. Jill, we haven’t put up a tree for the last few years either, and I’m not sure whether it’s because of our cat or because it seems like more work than it’s worth, now that we are empty-nesters. We adopted a dog last December (part Border Collie, so I understand all about the high energy level) and we already lost our last surviving house plant due to a dog-cat incident, so I’m thinking it was a wise decision! It’s neat to know we have that in common. Merry Christmas to you and your family (both human and furry).

    • Janet
      I am glad we are not the only one’s out there. We love having Nitro and Babe(our cat), and if that means not having a tree for a little while longer, then we are good with that. Merry Christmas to you too. :)

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