Organizing…..a fantasy

Yes….. this organizer has a fantasy……..however mine does not involve a pool boy callled “Eduardo” or a “Mr Grey” no mine……..mine……….is……….. IKEA.

I awake in my SVELVIK bed, snuggled under ALVINE KVIST bedding, stumble to my perfect AKURUM kitchen with ABSTRAKT white high-gloss doors, with easy close drawers, as I make my coffee in my………you get the picture. Only in my fantasy I actually spend the night in the Ikea store. Just ME, like an elf at Christmas….sigh.
Then as with all good fantasies they must come to an end when, reality, knocks on the proverbial door.

The problem with my Ikea  fantasy is I want almost everything I lay my eyes on, or can run my fingers over. That is why I never go on a shopping trip to Ikea without a plan and a list, before I leave, I always  ask myself.

  • Do I need it?
  • Will it fit in the place I am buying it for? (always measure before you buy anything, even if it’s for the pantry)
  • What is being purged so the new item has room?

I always set myself an in store time limit, it is so easy, once you get lost in the market place, to lose track of time and your common sense…..see all the pretty perfectly organized glasses, cutting boards, baskets… see where i’m going with this.
You do not want be overwhelmed like a fox in a hen house and run around like a headless chicken, believe me it’s not pretty…..I have never been asked to leave before, but there is always a first time.

The best tip for succesful shopping is always shop with a purpose this will stop impulse buys, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a list while you are there. They have forms to help you shop, you can also use them for items you would like, and have seen in the store. Keep these and add them to your want list for the next trip, so you have something to look forward to.

Soon I will be drooling over my new 2013 IKEA catalogue, like a frat boy over a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition…..wait I hear the mail man, he has just delivered my 2013 Ikea catalogue……start the car!!!!!

Do you have an orgainzing fantasy? Wish to share……….?

♦Some of the items mentioned in this blog post may not be available anymore♦


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16 thoughts on “Organizing…..a fantasy

  1. Jill, you are brilliant!!! I love your IKEA world fantasy. Mine, of course, would be a shoe closet, sorted by colour and heel height.

  2. I love both Jill & Robyn’s fantasies! As a fellow organized person, the thought of a beautifully organized walk-in closet (with a special place for shoes & handbags of course!) is divine!

  3. Okay gals, organized purses, shoes and cloths is all well and good but what about a fab kitchen and laundry room where you don’t have to feel like you are playing a bad game of twister to find something in the bottom cupboards- now that trumps a pool boy any day (well most days).

  4. Organizer’s fantasy! Wow! What to choose from? I love how you describe yours in such detail. I’m not sure if this would constitute as a true fantasy, but my dream store, which brings on varied and assorted fantasies is The Container Store. I love going in there, usually with a purpose, but always take time to wandert the aisle to see if something new is there or if a certain product might spark some creative use for myself or a client. I love how the store is organized. And perhaps one of my favorite sections is the closet section…every item of clothing and accessory have a place to call “home.”

    • I have heard of the Container Store, Linda, and it is on my list of places to visit when i next make it to the States. We have something similar called Solutions, however is see picutres of the things you can get at the Container store that we can not get here.

  5. Too cute!! I am finally living one of my organizer fantasies and that is the HUGE walk in closet in our new rental home with tons of shelves, hanging space, cubbies, and more. After almost always having my clothes, shoes, and accessories scattered in different places wherever else I have lived, I am so enjoying this!! 🙂
    Lisa Montanaro recently posted…Business Owners and Entrepreneurs… Join Me in Charleston, Chicago or Plymouth (MI) for Kick Butt Business Bootcamps this fallMy Profile

    • That’s wonderful, Lisa. Enjoy!! I hear you, we were blessed with the worlds smallest closet, and as my husband has more clothes, he takes the lion share, so i store my shoes in my office closet. It works but it’s not perfect.

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