PURGING? 4 Decisions you MUST make for Success!

So, unbelievably, January 2017 is already here, and that means one thing, Get Organized month. We as Professional Organizers, let you know all the best ways to get organized, by purging what you are no longer using, but what do you do with it once the purging is over?

PURGING? 4 Decisions you MUST make for Success!

The first thing you have to decide is, are you going to Sell, Donate, Recycle or Trash. 

There are many ways to sell items you no longer need:

Consignment stores such as:

If you are looking to donate your items there are many options:

For recycling or garbage

If you have to throw things away in the garbage, make sure you have recycled all you can to different recycling sites to help save the planet. If we all do a small part we will make a huge impact on our environment.

I would love to know how you recycle what you no longer use, we could all use input into places we have never considered before. Please leave a comment below, your input is always welcome.

Donating items

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16 thoughts on “PURGING? 4 Decisions you MUST make for Success!

  1. Being aware of local charities is very empowering because it means you won’t just move your clutter from one place to another in your home. Around here, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Vietnam Vets are always calling and sending cards to let you know when they can come and pick up. A WONDERFUL service!
    Seana Turner recently posted…Digital Declutter Day 29: PhotosMy Profile

  2. Great list Jill! I use Clothesline a lot for pickups at my house. One I’d add is Freecycle. It’s great for giving away things that aren’t necessarily donate-able (partially used bottles of toiletries for example).

    • Thank you, Liana, i agree, i was raised on buying and then donating back clothes to charity shops, i rarely saw my Mother buy anything that wasn’t second hand, underwear and socks being the exception.

  3. This is such a great list of resources…and an excellent reminder that making a decision to let go or “purge” is just half of the equation. Figuring out where those items will go NEXT is the other very important part. And gathering those resources in advance is also helpful in the decision-making process. It helps by establishing letting go boundaries and also makes the sorting process go more smoothly.

    I’d never heard about the LetGo app. Have you used it? I’d love to know more about it.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…3 Words to Quickly Energize Your Fresh StartMy Profile

    • Thank you, Linda. I love having resources for my clients to choose from, then if they need me to i can take what i can fit in my car to their donation of choice. I have never used LetGo app, but i know a member of my POC chapter does, and she loves it. I will ask her to do a review for me and i might update my blog with that in it.

  4. I just learned of a new feature on Craigslist called “curb side alerts.” Create a post, stick your stuff on the curb and, according to my friend, watch it get picked up within an hour! People can’t resist the allure of free stuff. 😉

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