Client Testimonials

I want to thank you for assisting in the transformation of my chaotically cluttered and very stressful office into a welcoming and productive one.
With my life and work being fast-paced; more and more “stuff” accumulates and takes over valuable space. The biggest challenge now is getting started; especially without a plan.
Your techniques and direction helped me to reclaim that space in a way that was both easy and motivating. You gave me the tools to “get started”. Once I got started; there was no stopping the process.
For those of you who are considering utilizing Jill to regain your sanity; she works with you to sort throught your belongings and implement organizational systems that you can maintain long after she is gone.
I have my next challenge planned and will definitely be using my new-found skills to complete the task. Jills’ coaching was excellent. I am sure that the results will be just as effective as if she were with me throughout the process.
She and her company are discreet, non-judgemental and i can assure you that they are happy to help you create organized spaces that work for you and your family.
Happy in my space……P.F..Ontario