This Ole House Kitchen Part 3

This ole house is back again with the third istallment on how to organize your kitchen with the space you have. The last two posts in this series on the kitchen, have shown the outside organization. Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty, i’m showing you the “inside” of my drawers!!

Before the pictures, I have just one statement to make that is very important for the rest of your home, but for the kitchen, I feel essential. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. I can not stress this part enough. We live interesting, activity filled lives, and let’s face it we all have to eat.
What we don’t need is stress time when we start cooking the family meal. If you are forever looking for the pot lids, potato peeler, grater, garlic press…….. yes the list goes on. Then you need a system.

My kitchen isn’t “perfect” and I don’t want it to be, what I want and need is function.

PicMonkey Collagen kitchen drawers jpg

You wouldn’t know it from the pictures, but I have limited drawer space in my kitchen. They are shallow so I have used different ways to make them efficient.

PicMonkey Collage kitchen food jpg

The same with my food cupboards. They aren’t very deep so I use the space the best I can by using stackable containers, baskets, and shoe boxes to contain like things together. I also took out many of the shelves when we first moved in. Don’t limit yourself because of exsisting shelving.

PicMonkey Collage kitchen plates jpg

My glassware, plates and bowls, the stuff I use everyday is kept within easy reach for me. I am only 5ft 1″ so I want to keep daily use items handy. Don’t over stuff your kitchen cupboards with seasonal items or oversized dishes, store them elsewhere.
As you can see I keep my toaster and my food processor on trays in the cupboard. The obvious reason for the toaster, the processor won’t fit into my cupboards in one piece so I keep the “pieces” corralled on an old baking sheet.

PicMonkey Collage kitchen pans jpg

Forever looking for pan lids? Invert them and stack your pans. Problem solved.My baking trays and muffins pans don’t look particularly accessible, but I have a system that slots them together in a way I can get to them. Again it is IMPORTANT to have a system that works for YOU.


Last but not least the JUNK DRAWER, or as like to call it the “EVERYTHING” drawer. If it’s junk it should be in the trash. THIS drawer is for the stuff you need but doesn’t fit anywhere. As you can see however, the “EVERYTHINGS” have some organization to them.

Let’s not reach for perfection but for function. Give yourself the gift of a stress free kitchen. Whatever your style of cooking, ease of preparation is the KEY!!!

Do you have any space saving or unique ways you keep your kitchen functional? Love to hear about them and see them.

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