This Ole House Kitchen Part 4 Zones

This ole house is back again with the kitchen, and the different “zones”. There are many things to consider when you organize a kitchen,it can take many blogs to cover the subject, here are few ideas I use.

This week I would like to focus on the “Zones”. These are the parts of the kitchen that should make up the whole. In a factory each section has separate zones for different jobs, to maximize  effeciency and productivity. Look at how your kitchen is set up and where you do your different jobs.
Areas of your kitchen should have like items grouped together.
PicMonkey Collage coffee station

On the left is my coffee/tea zone. I have the things I need for preparing it including having my mugs in the same area. In the cupboard directly above I have coffee filters, more teabags, and hot chocolate. The kettle is in the bottom cupboard to the right, directly below the kitchen sink. Turn around and there is the fridge.
That is why you see my cereal in that cupboard as well.
Everything you use on a daily basis should be stored no more than 4-5 steps away from where you use it. Pots and pans near the stove, knives and serving spoons where you prepare and serve your food, and so on.

PicMonkey Collage food prep

As the space between my stove and fridge is small, I have to prep the vegatables and meat products on the other side of the kitchen. I use these flexible plastic mats my friend Katherine bought me from Walmart,
which allow me to carry chopped items over to my stove without spilling them on the floor. I use the wooden block I purchased from Ikea as a base for my mats, and it covers a crack in my counter top!!
As you can see my knives are in easy reach for the prep, and serving spoons are in the same area, as this is where we dish up dinner, and the plates and bowls are in the cupboard above the knife rack. The drawer to the left of the wooden block holds the cutlery. Are you seeing a pattern? These are the “zones”  I am refering to. Everthing for a specific function in the same zone.
If you are getting ready to organize your kitchen think of the “kitchen triangle” when creating your zones. This shows different kitchen layouts and how to use them effectively.

Everyones kitchen is different, and it fills different needs. Find the “zones” that work for your family and stick to them. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Next week I will cover how I organize my fridge, freezer and meal planning.


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