This Ole House Kitchen Part 5- Fridge/Freezer

This ole house part V, includes how I organize my fridge and freezer. As with the other areas of the kitchen, creating zones within your fridge and freezer are equally important. This helps to create order and help establish good habits and practices, especially where perishable food is stored. I try and buy just what I will use in a week, that way the fridge isn’t packed to the gills.
Shopping more that once a week is inevitable, just make sure there is a plan. I will tackle meal planning next time.


This is the contents of my fridge/freezer as of this morning. The top right hand corner of the fridge shows a blue basket that holds all the fixings for lunches, my husband and son like to eat the same thing everyday, so it’s pretty easy to have everything we need to make them in one container. The yogurt they take everday is next to that.
The rest of the fridge is set up in zones for my eggs, milk, water jug, juice jug etc. I keep the bottom left hand corner for fresh meat I bring in from grocery shopping, which I keep double wrapped, until I either use it or divide up within 2 days and freeze. That is also where I keep any leftovers. If you designate one area of your fridge for leftovers, they won’t be forgotten.
The door of the fridge keeps condiments, jams, pickles, salsa, wine, and opened broth for cooking.

The freezer part of my fridge also has baskets for keeping things I use on a daily/weekly basis close at hand. I have a basket for bread, meat, and vegetables and fruit. The freezer door has two baskets, one that keeps the ice packs corralled, the other for “odds and sods” (pieces of ginger and ends of parmesan cheese I use for soups etc).


My upright freezer in the basement, keeps the bulk of my frozen foods, store bought and homemade. This also has baskets for meat, poultry, bread, and treats. I leave one shelf for storing homemade meals and items too big for the baskets.
My freezer looks quite bare, that is because we are getting ready to defrost it.
On the wall next to the fridge I have a glass picture frame that I have used to make a list of everything I have in my freezer. That way I don’t have to open the freezer to know what I have in there. I use a erasable marker, and I try and update it when something is removed or added.
The glass picture frame as a board was not my idea, that one I found on Pinterest one day. I took the basic idea and made it my own.
The same is true for what I have shown you today. Take the basis of what I do and make it your own.

Next week will be meal planning. I decided to give it it’s own blog, as there is alot to cover.
In a few weeks I plan to have an interview with an expert on food safety, so stay tuned. 😉

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