What if you had less than 15 minutes to leave your home?

What if you had less than 15 mins to leave your home?

Your home is on fire. – Your home can be filled with smoke in 3 minutes, completely engulfed in 10 minutes or less
A tornado is about to hit.
A Hurricane is coming.
An evacuation has been issued because of a forest fire/ threat of a mud slide.

All of these worst case senarios have touched someone just in this past year, alot of these cases in Canada and the US alone.Would you know what to do?

If these were to touch your family, what would be the first thing you would grab before you ran for cover or safety?
Chances are it wouldn’t be the special set of dishes,you are saving for a special occasion, or Aunt Betty’s glass cat figurines that she left you, that are in a box…somewhere. Or the new clothes with the tags still on them.
When it comes down to an impending disaster we grab the irreplaceable, our children, husband’s/wive’s, parents, pets. The things that are at the core of our lives.
News feeds after such disasters are not talking to survivors who are looking for things, their first thoughts are for loved ones.
The items that are weighing you down on a daily basis, are not going to make it out the door in a disaster.
These things could be a potential barrier to your safety, if your possessions are blocking your exit plan.

The most important part of being organized in your home, is organizing and implementing an emergency plan. Along with family members and pets, this should be in easy reach as you leave your home.

Here in Canada you can visit the link below that provides  you with a download, listing everything you will need for 72 hours in case of a disaster.

Another great resource I found on pinterest, is a visual description on how to put a binder together for all your personal information (passports, property deeds, recent photos of yourselves and your children etc).Things we never think of on a daily basis, but are vital in a disaster.



For the best information always visit your countries government websites for all the latest information.

Are you organized enough to leave your home safetly in 15 minutes or less?…….
Has any of these scenarios touched your lives, want to share?


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