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If you don’t look after your health no one else will. No one knows your body like you do. You have heard this time and time again i’m sure. Then why, do we as women put ourselves at the bottom of the list?

I was inspired this week by my fellow Professional Organizer Valerie Sheridan,, about her struggle to manage her weight, a great article.

We are so focused on getting our kids to school, ourselves to work, after school activities, chores, shopping…….the lists never end. What a lot of us don’t schedule is time for our health.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and 1 in 9 Candian women will be effected by this disease in their life time.

I have always been pro-active with my health, because 21 years ago this month my Mum lost her fight with breast cancer, and I lost my Aunt this past May to the same disease.
I know there are more health issues out there but this one is close to my heart.

This month put YOU on the list and make an appointment to see your family doctor, especially if it has been a while since you saw him/her. You might say you don’t feel ill, well that’s great news.
Starting on open dialogue with your doctor is important.( I have to say I have the best doctor in the world) prevention is the key. Find out about your family history and what steps you need to take to stay healthy and vibrant. Sometimes, putting yourself first benefits everyone.

Turning 50,  and perimenopausal has brought about the need for better awareness and management of my own health. I started keeping a Health Diary. It is just a simple lined diary, ready for me to input year/month/day.

Life Sorted

I keep a record of my last mammogram, period, pap test, results and any specialists or upcoming appointments. I take it with me to every doctor visit. How many times do we write things on the calendar only for it to be tossed for the new year’s edition?  Let me tell you peri-menopause brain is like pregnancy brain, if it’s not writtten down it’s forgotten…….literally.

However you store your information, don’t let another day go by without organizing YOUR HEALTH CHECK.

For all the women you know start the conversation today, an issue shared makes everyone aware.

I dedicate this blog to my mother MOLLIE WORGAN and my aunt JUNE INNES, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, mothers, grandmothers. Gone but never forgotten.

Jill Robson – Life Sorted

How are you keeping up with your health? I’d love to hear from YOU.


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10 thoughts on “Your Health……..Organized

  1. Jill, you are so right that we tend to put ourselves last in the name of doing things for others. But what we fail to realize is the huge impact our absence from their lives would have on them if we do not make the time and effort to ensure our continued presence in it. I’m pretty sure my son and daughter would rather have me here to witness their graduations, weddings and the birth of their children than to live in a spotless home. By the way, I LOVE the idea of a health diary!

    • It was inspired by my mother actually. We moved alot when we were small because my father was in the armed forces and our medical records never kept up with us. My mother kept one for my sister and 2 brothers. I still have mine.

  2. I love this blog and think it’s a great why to make women more aware of thirty bodies and health. A very close find of mine has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and it has not been caught in time, she has 2 beautiful twins lilys age and if all women made more time for themselves then it may of been caught sooner. I’ve started running and am going to raise money for cancer research it just a shame that loved ones have already been lost x x

  3. I’m signed up with the Ontario Breast Screening Program, so they always send me a letter to let me know when it’s time for my next mammogram. One time I asked the nurse to be careful as I had a sore shoulder and she recommended I get my doctor to look at it. Fortunately, my doctor was in the same building and I was able to get in the same day. They took my blood pressure when I arrived and it was discovered that I have high blood pressure – something I would never have realized. This just reinforced the importance of staying on top of these things!

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